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William St. John, married Olive of Penthièvre and Godehelde _____

William St. John, married Olive of Penthièvre and Godehelde _____

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  • Relationshipwith Mathias St. John
    Gender Male 
    Fact 1162 
    776. Charter of William de Sancto Johanne, Robert his brother and Olive his wife. At the inspiration of God, by the counsel of Hugh archbishop of Rouen, Achard bishop of Avranches, and Richard bishop of Coutances, and with the consent of king Henry, they, for remission of their sins and of those of their predecessors and successors, give the abbey of the Holy Trinity, Luzerne (Lucerna) and the canons regular there serving God, the site of the abbey, and the church of St. Jean etc… and the tithe of hens at St. Jean and a place for a fishery at the sea and the whole tithe of their fisheries and their cuttlefish(?) (fn. 1) from boats (sepiarum de batellis) etc…. They also grant the gift of six quarters of wheat which Robert Heriz gave the abbot, by consent of his sons Robert and Andrew, for the weal of his soul and that of Agnes his wife. In England, they grant a third part of the manor of Mundreham, with all its appurtenances in exchange for the tithe of the rents of that manor and of Berneham and of Wauburguetone. All this they give the abbey in almoin, free accordingly, partly in exchange for the tithe of their rents, which they used to pay it, partly in augmentation, for their weal and that of their predecessors, successors, and heirs.
    Actum est hoc anno incarnationis Domini MCoLXoIIo, his attestantibus: Willelmo Abrincensi archidiacono; Ricardo Constantiensi archidiacono; Ricardo de Haia; Radulfo de Haia; Reinaldo capellano; Ricardo capellano; Willelmo de Oireval; Ricardo filio ejus; Rogero de Sancto Johanne; Willelmo de Filgeriis; Willelmo de Braeio; Gilleberto de Campell[is]; Thoma de Sancto Pancratio; Hugone filio ejus; Roberto et Willelmo de Vein; Philippo et Willelmo de Lesceaux; duobus Rogeriis de Rochella; Radulfo de Fornell[is]; Rogerio de Ikelon, et aliis multis.

    Fact 3 Nov 1165 
    777. Charter of Robert abbot of Mont St. Michel and the convent, granting to William de Sancto Johanne certain land in exchange.
    Actum publice in capitulo Montis, anno ab incarnatione Domini MCLXV., regni Henrici regis… xj., iij. nonas Novembris. Ex parte capituli montis: Robertus abbas Montis; Ruallemus prior; Ansgerus cantor; Robertus Otritonie; Michael clericus; Thomas sacerdos; Philippus de Leisaus; Ricardus de Lisaus; Thomas Hoelli. Ex parte Willelmi: Gillebertus de Campellis; Robertus de Veim; Hugo de Sancto Planchers: Ruallemus de Humo; Ricardus capellanus.

    Fact 4 Dec 1165 
    778. Charter of abbot Robert and the convent of Mont St. Michel addressed to their brethren abbot Ansgot and the convent of La Luzerne, granting them certain lands.
    Actum est in capitulo Montis anno ab incarnatione Domini MoCoLXVo ij. (sic) nonis Decembris etc. … regnante Henrico glorioso rege etc. … istis presentibus: Willelmo abbate de Filgeriis; Ansgerio priore; Guillelmo de Sancto Johanne; Ricardo de Lesceaux; Ricardo de Vein, et aliis multis.

    Fact 12 Jul 1166 
    744. Quitclaim from Rualen de Genecio to the abbot of Mont St. Michel, ut infra.
    Acta est hec eadem conventio assensu et consilio domini regis Henrici secundi et actum publice in capitulo montis iiijo Idus (fn. 103) Julii anno dominice (fn. 104) (sic) incarnationis MoCoLXoVIo, regni vero gloriosissimi regis Anglie xio. (fn. 105) Teste Willelmo de Sancto Johanne; Gisleberto de Camp[ellis]; Radulfo de Poterell; Ricardo de Veimo; Radulfo de Humme[to]; Hugone Bigoto; Ricardo de Bosco; Matheo. (fn. 105).

    Fact 13 Jul 1166 
    745. Charter of Henry II. addressed to the archbishop of Rouen and to all his officers of Normandy. He confirms the agreement between abbot Robert and Rualen de Geneceio concerning the prévôté of Genest (Genecium); also that between the abbot and Gervase son of Helias concerning the exchange of the bakery (pistrini) the chirographs having been read, and agreed to by them in his presence.
    T[estibus] (fn. 106) : Ricardo archidiacono Pictavensi; magistro Johanne Cumm[in]; magistro Radulfo de Tam[eswrda]; Ricardo de Humeto constabulario; Jordano Teissun; Willelmo filio Hamonis; Fulcone Paenello; et Willelmo de Sancto Johanne. Apud Fulgerias in exercitu. (fn. 107).

    Fact 14 Jul 1166 
    746. Charter of Henry II. addressed to the archbishop of Rouen and all his officers of Normandy. He quitclaims to the abbot and monks of Mont St. Michel the work they used to execute at his keep of Wavry (Guavreium), on condition that the abbot and the barons of the Honour of Saint Pair (Sanctus Paternus) give the constable of that castle, annually, at Michaelmas 20 shillings in money of Anjou, or of the Roumois (Romesinorum) if current, nor shall any collector (gravennarius) or beadle have ingress on the abbot's land for [demanding] those 20 shillings, but the abbot shall send them, by his officer, to the constable at Michaelmas. And for this grant the abbot and the barons of that Honour have given him a hundred pounds of Anjou.
    T[estibus] (fn. 109) : Ricardo archidiacono Pictavensi; magistro Johanne Cumin; Willelmo comite de Arundel; comite Eudone; Ricardo de Humeto, conestabulario, et Jordane Teissun; Fulcone Paenello; Willelmo de Sancto Johanne; Gaufrido monacho. Apud Fulgerias. (fn. 110)

    Fact 1162-1169  Compton, Sussex, England, UK Find all individuals with events at this location 
    #1070 Letter of William de Sancto Johanne and Robert his brother addressed to Thomas archbishop of Canterbury and Hilary bishop of Chichester and all the replates of the church, etc. They grant to their mother C. (sic) their manor of Compton (Contona) for her life quit of all service due to themselves.

    His testibus, scilicet; Richardus Constanciensis episcopus; magistro Ricardo arcidiacono, et Ricardo de Haia, et Gisleberto de Canpellis, et Thomas de Sancto Pancratio.

    pg. 379 https:/​/​archive​.org/​details/​cu31924028043663/​page/​n439/​mode/​2up/​search/​Ralph+de 
    Fact 1162-1169 
    #1071 Charter of Henry II. addressed to the bishop of Chichester, etc. He confirms (concedo) the gift by William de Sancto Johanne and Robert his brother to the abbey of Fontevrault, namely 10l. sterling annually from (in) the anor of Contona so long as their mother shall live, and after her death, three marcs of silver annually in perpetuity.

    Testibus: Symone de Castellione; Gastinel camerario; Symone de Tornebu; Raginaldo de cortenaio; Apud Turonim. 
    Fact May - Aug 1172 
    753. Notification by abbot Robert and the convent of Mont St. Michel that they have granted to William de Sancto Johanne the forestership of their forest of Bévais (Beveia) in inheritance as held by his predecessors, etc.
    Hec autem concessio facta est Henrico rege Anglorum, duce Normannorum et Aquitanorum et comite Andegavorum presente et assensum prebente et munimine sigilli sui et auctoritate confirmante, presente etiam Henrico filio ejus rege Anglorum duce Normannorum et comite Andegavorum et assensum suum prebente, presentibus omnibus istis: Engelgero de Bohun; Jordano Taisson; Roberto Bertram; Fulcone Paganello; Willelmo de Humeto; Willelmo de Corceio; Jordano de Humeto; Engerano de Humeto; Thoma de Colunciis; Eudone filio Ernesii, baronibus; Ruallendo priore Montis; Ricardo de Haia, Raginaldo de Sancto Johanne, Rogerio Legato, Roberto de Ottrionnia, (fn. 129) Turgiso de Maidreio, Willelmo de Sancto Paterno, Willelmo de Sancto Jacobo, monachis; Matheo camerario, Rogerio forestario, Rogerio de Hiquelon, laicis. Apud Sanctum Laudum.

    Fact 1174 
    849. Charter of Olive daughter of count Stephen [of Britanny] notifying that with unanimous consent (concedentibus) of William de Sancto Johanne her husband and Ralf de Filgeriis and her other sons, she has given to the abbey of Savigny in alms for ever the church of Bennington with all its appurtenances.
    Facta est autem hec donatio apud Montem Chaton, anno ab incarnatione Domini MoCoLXXIIIIo (fn. 87). Hujus etiam donationis testes sunt: Guillelmus de Sancto Johanne maritus meus; Galterius et Guarinus capellani; Hugo de Sancto Pancratio; Thomas de Argentomo, et multi alii.

    Fact 1174 
    850. Charter of William de Sancto Johanne, giving in alms for ever to the abbey of Savigny, for the love of God and the weal of his soul all his rights in the church of Brithon (fn. 89) with all its appurtenances and the advowson (donationem) of that church and the presentation of the parson who is to serve it, by consent of Olive his wife, through whom [alone] he has any rights in that church. When, therefore, that clerk, namely Hamo, who is now parson and possessor of that church, shall go the way of all flesh, the abbey of Savigny shall enjoy the said church and its appurtenances by his grant and gift, and the free right (potestas) of presenting at its will the parson who there shall minister and serve. He and Olive his wife retain thence forth nothing in that church, but give and grant all their rights there to the abbey of Savigny. And Ralf de Filgeriis, son of his wife Olive, has given the church to the abbey in alms for ever.
    His testibus: Ricardo Abrincensi episcopo; abbate de Lucerna Anguoto (fn. 90); Guarino priore de Lucerna; magistro Guillelmo de Veino; Galterio capellano; Gilleberto de Campellis; Radulfo de Ulmo; Guillelmo et Philippo de Leseaus; Hugone de Sancto Pancratio, et multis aliis.

    Fact 1167-1177 
    #1072 Charter of William St. John granting from (in) the manor of Compton (Contonia) three marcs of silver to the nuns of Fontevrault at Michaelmas for a pittance (pitancia) on the annivery of his mother, namles on St. Benedict's day in March.

    Testibus: Ricardo de Orival, et Gisleberto de Campellis; Thoma de Sancto Pancratio; et Willelo de Leseaux, et Ren'd'capellano et multis aliss.  
    Fact 1175-1177 
    756. Charter of Henry II. confirming to Mont St. Michel Wat, with all its appurtenances, given by the predecessors of Conan count of Britanny and confirmed by Conan's own charter.
    Testibus: R[icardo] archiepiscopo Cantuariensi; G[aufrido] Eliensi, Johanne Norwicensi, Reginaldo Bathoniensi, B[artolomeo] Exoniensi, episcopis; Gaufrido filio regis comite Britannie; Ricardo de Luci; Unfredo de Bohun constabulario; Willelmo filio Ald [elini (fn. 136) ] dapifero; Willelmo de Sancto Johanne; Randulfo de Glanvilla (fn. 137); Willelmo filio Radulfi. Apud Wintoniam.

    Fact 1176-1180  Canterbury, Kent, England, UK Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Charter Document - 01950059
    Charter Number: 01950059
    Cartulary Title: Canterbury 1162-1190 Volume 2
    Charter Language: Latin
    Charter Origin: Religious
    Charter Type(s): Confirmation
    Date: 1176 - 1180
    Date Type: Assigned
    Resource Link(s): British Library - Cotton MS Claudius A VI (f62r)

    Ricardus dei gratia Cantuariensis archiepiscopus totius Anglie primas et apostolice sedis legatus universis sancte matris ecclesie filiis salutem in vero salutari Religiosorum virorum pax et quies in hoc maxime procuratur si ea que a fidelibus dei in perpetuam collata sunt elemosinam tantis fuerint vallata presidiis et auctoritatibus communita ut malorum improbitas attemptare non audeat eorum tranquillitatem perturbare et collata sibi beneficia diminuere Ut igitur dilecti filii nostri monachi de Boxgrava universas ecclesias et decimas et terras et possessiones quas impresentiarum rationabiliter adepti sunt auctore domino inperpetuum pacifice et quiete libere teneant et inconcusse sicut eis a venerabili fratre nostro Johanne Cicestrensi episcopo diocesano concesse sunt et scripto suo autentico quod nos ibi vidimus et legimus confirmate ita scripti nostri munimine duximus eis auctoritate qua fungimur communire videlicet omnia illa que Robertus de Haia et Rogerus et Willelmus de Sancto Iohanne dederunt in elemosinam ecclesiam de Boxgrava cum toto territorio de Boxgrava cum decimis et obventionibus omnimodis et pertinentiis ecclesiam sancte Marie de Walburgetona ecclesiam de Berneham ecclesiam sancti Petri de Hamton ecclesiam sancti Leodegarii de Hunestaw ecclesiam de Mundeham in quibus due portiones tam de terris quam decimis frugum et fructuum ad ipsos monachos specialiter pertinent Tertia vero portio assignata est vicariis earundem ecclesiarum qui cum assensu eorundem monachorum iam instituti sunt aut qui de cetero per priorem et conventum de Boxgrava diocesano episcopo representabuntur instituendi sicut carta predicti fratris nostri Cicestrensis episcopi quam inspeximus testatur Nichilominus etiam idem vicarii preter tertiam portionem prescriptam sibi assignatam omnes obventiones altarium et cimiteriorum illarum ecclesiarum quibus preerunt licite percipient De ecclesia quoque de Brideham memorati monachi vi solidos et de ecclesia de Ikenora iiii solidos percipient annuatim secundum formam in carta prelibati episcopi comprehensam decimam quoque de Tadeham et decimam de Kinora et decimam de Liperinges et tertiam partem de Mundeham et terram illam que vocatur Wurda et apud Butenhillam terram illam quam tenuit Rogerus et molendinum cum pertinentiis que dedit eis Willelmus de Kaisneto et unam hydam terre in Herting ex dono Emme de Falesia et unam virgatam terre in Abbitona de dono Hunfridi de Sartilleio et unam virgatam terre et dimidiam de dono Gisleberti de Sartilleio et dimidiam hydam terre in Mildenton et quandam partem nemoris de Bessesola cum Wigingiis et xl acras terre in manerio de Stochton cum quodam masuagio de dono Willelmi comitis Arundelli molendinum etiam de Feningetrow de donatione Willelmi de Sancto Iohanne prescripta auctoritate in perpetuum eisdem monachis confirmamus sicut sepedicta carta venerabilis fratris nostri Cicestrensis episcopi testatur et sicut in cartis donatorum continetur Has itaque possessiones et si quas futuris temporibus prestante domino rationabiliter poterunt adipisci sepedictis monachis auctoritate qua fungimur inperpetuum confirmamus et sigilli nostri munimine roboramus Testibus Waleranno archidiacono Baiocensi magistro Petro Blesensi magistro Radulpho de Sancto Martino Nicholao decano magistro Willelmo de Sottindona Rogero Norwicensi Gerardo camerario et aliis multis

    Fact 1186 
    780. Charter of William de Moion granting to the abbey of the Holy Trinity of Luzerne and the canons regular there serving God, for his weal and that of his wife, his predecessors and successors, the whole tithe of his mills of Moion, Tesseium and Belcoldreium, the said canons granting him that on the day of his anniversary they will expend 20 shillings of Anjou annually on a pitancia for the brethren, and, for the soul of his mother Godeheut, will appoint a canon, who shall be specially bound, in perpetual succession, to pray for her.
    Actum est hoc publice apud Montem Caton, anno ab incarnatione Domini MCLXXXVI. presentibus his et testibus: Petro abbate de Blanchelande, et Willelmo abbate de Sancto Laudo; Johanne capellano; Gaufrido de Plancha; magistro Alexandro; Garino clerico; Willelmo de Sancto Johanne; Gaufrido, et Johanne, et Roberto de Moion; Thoma de Argenciis; Radulfo de Campellis.

    Fact 1187 
    #928 Notification that, in the year 1187, William de Sancto Johanne and Robert his brother and Godeheldis wife of William granted to the monks of Boxgrave whatever had been given them by his grandfather Robert de Haia and his father Robert de Sancto Johanne, namely the churches of St. Mary of Boxgrove and St. Peter of Hantonet, and of St. Leger of Honestan and of Brideham and of Ichenore and of Warborgeton, of Berneham and of Beltona, with their lands and tithes and free choice and presentation (advacationem) of the clerks, and the tithes of Tadeham and Chienore, and all Boxgrave and, with its oxen, pasture for twelve oxen and three cows in Halnac and Estramunt, and in the wood of Halnac pasture and pannage of all their swine, of which wood they gave them a portion in demesne. [The Abbey] was also assigned the third part of Mondreham, free from all service ecept the king's service. They also gave the church of Mondreham with all its appurtenances, and the tithe of all the woods in their honour of Halnac, of their pannage, sale [of wood], and all other profits. All this they gave that thirteen monks might be established there. Afterwards, to make up the number of fifteen, William de St. John gave the whole tithe of his rents (gablorum) of Estramunt and all his demesne of Kipest. Robert, his brother, gave all his land of Ildefant and the dwelling (mansura) of Campellus and the garden of William the carpenter. They granted, moreover, to the abbot and convent of Essay the free choice of the prior of Boxgrave, who was never to be removed by them or their successors, and his election to hold good even if they did not approve of it. Such was their grant to the monks of Boxgrave, saving their right and revenue. [And] William granted to the abbey of the Holy Trinity [of l'Essay], which already possessed two-thirds, a third part of the market for support of the priory. And abbot Thomas and the convent of L'Essay, on their part granted them that they would keep up a convent there honorably and not remove the prior so long as he should do it honour, and that he should be free to ake monks who, when received there, should make their profession to the abbot and convent of L'Essay and receive the benediction from the abbot. And if the prior should delay to fill up the above number, tafter being warned by the abbot, the abbot shall fill up the vacancy from his own monks, or shall make a fresh one there. So also, when the abbot shall recall one of them to his house (the abbey), unless he be the prior, sub-prior, or cellarer.

    Testibus his:
    Roberto priore
    Rogero suppriore
    Hugone de Lauda
    Ricardo Malet
    Roberto Britone
    Sylvestro de Port-bail
    Roberto de Sancto Salvatore
    Guifrido de Bella aqua
    Odone Liher
    Sylvestro de Brittevilla
    Ansquetillo abbate de Lucerna
    Johanne capellano
    Robert de Corceio
    Radulfo de Campeals
    Thoma de Sance Johanne, militibus
    Johanne de Moyon, et multis aliis

    Fact 1186-1187  Canterbury, Kent, England, UK Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Charter Document - 01950237
    Charter Number: 01950237
    Cartulary Title: Canterbury 1162-1190 Volume 2
    Charter Language: Latin
    Charter Origin: Religious
    Charter Type(s): Confirmation
    Date: 1186 - 1187
    Date Type: Assigned
    Resource Link(s): British Library - Cotton MS Claudius A VI (f63v)

    Balduinus dei gratia Cantuariensis archiepiscopus totius Anglie primas et apostolice sedis legatus omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos presentes littere pervenerint illam que est in domino salutem Quoniam ad officii nostri pertinet debitum paci et transquillitati subiectorum nostrorum et maxime virorum religiosorum attentius providere possessiones ecclesie sancte Marie de Boxgrava a nobili viro Willelmo de Sancto Iohanne et antecessoribus suis eiusdemque Willelmi militibus in sustentationem fratrum ibidem deo servientibus pia consideratione ad assensu Hylarii Iohannis et Seffridi Cicestrensis ecclesie episcoporum collatas in nostra suscipimus protectione et omnes donationes tam veteres quam novas ipsius Willelmi et antecessorum suorum necnon et militum eiusdem Willelmi sicut predicte ecclesie de Boxgrava karitatis affectu et rationabiliter facte sunt et episcopali auctoritate confirmate stabilem et firmam esse concedimus et auctoritate qua fungimur confirmamus Concessionem quoque venerabilis viri Thome abbatis de Exaquio quam dilectis filiis nostris conventui de Boxgrava super cuiusdam dispositionis conventione domus de Boxgrava scripto autentico se fecisse protestatur sicut iuste et rationabiliter facta est stabilem et perpetuam esse concedimus et auctoritatis nostre robore et sigilli nostri appositione communimus Hiis testibus P Blesensi archidiacono Bathoniensi magistro Henrico de Norhanton magistro Silvestro Iohanne de Exonia Willelmo Prudum Gileberto filio Willelmi Galfrido Forti et aliis

    Fact 1187 
    The Families of St. John and of Port by JH Round page 3-4

    It would, indeed, be difficult to believe that Roger's sons were alive as late as 1187 if we had not decisive evidence of the fact. I have specially examined for the purpose the cartulary of Boxgrove Priory, founded by the lords of the Honour of Halnaker. We have there a charter of confirmation granted by William de St. John and Robert, his brother with Godeheld, wife of William, in which we have mention of "Robertus avus suus de Haia et pater suus Rogerius de Sancto Johanne;" and this document gives its data as 1187. [footnote 1]

    Footnote 1: fo. 18. There is also a confirmation of it by Willia, Bishop of Constances. 
    Generation 05 
    Siblings 3 siblings 
    • https:/​/​archive​.org/​stream/​mmoires03avragoog/​mmoires03avragoog_&8203;djvu​.txt

      French Book that outlines the 12th Century St. Johns of St. Jean-le-Thomas, Normandy, France.
    • Totam terram quam anteoessores mei possidebant in valle Moretonii cum omnibus pertinenciis et libertatibus tam libere et integre ut Guillelmus de S. Jo_hanne illud habuit... in mari­ tagio cum Oliva matre Radulfi de Filgeriis (Charle de Savigny).


      The whole land which antecessors are held in the Valley Moreton with all the freedoms that we so freely and William St. John it had ... in the dam portion with Olive mother of Ralph Filgeriis (Charles de Savigny).
    • Thomas de Saint-Jean mourut sans enfants. 11 eut pour successeur soq n veu Guillaume , fits aine de son frere Roger.
      Ce dernier avail laisse trois ·enfants : deux fils, Guil­
      ·1aume et Robert; - une fille, Muriell, qui epousa Regi­ nald d'Orval (2).
      Le second fils de Roger, Robert, fonda le fief du Petit­
      Saint-Jean, assis en la paroisse de Saint-Jean-du-Corail, pres Mortain. G'est sans nul doute a cette circonstance que la terre que ce dernier posseda , doit son titre du Petit­
      Saint-Jean, parce que l'on voulait ainsi reconnaltre une certaine superiorite a celle de Saint -Jean-le-Thomas,
      berceau de la famille. Les seigneurs de ce nouveau fief avaient pour armes d'argent au chef de gueules, charg de troi& besants d'or (3).
      Guillaume , l'heritier de Thomas ; etait feudatnire du Mont pour la moilie d'un chevalier. llais ce.n'est pas cette abbaye qui fut l'objet de ses largesses. Car, disoi;is-le, en co.Qtmencant son histoire, ii fut le seigneur le plus gene­ reux de son pays. On concoit; du resle, ses- liheralites, quand on sait l'etendue de ses biens.
      II epousa en premiereg noces Olive , fille du comte Etienne de Brelagne , comte de Suffolk et seigneur de Richmond,.en Angleterre. Elle etait veuve d'Henri, baron
      de Fougeres (4,)

      (i) Totam terram quam anteoessores mei possidebant in valle Moretonii cum omnibus pertinenciis et libertatibus tam libere et integre ut Guillelmus de S. Jo_hanne illud habuit... in mari­ tagio cum Oliva matre Radulfi de Filgeriis (Charle de Savigny).
      (2) M. Sauvage. Mortainais historique et mo·nurrumtal.


      Thomas Saint-Jean died without issue. His successor was William the son of his brother Roger.
      Ce dernier avail laissé · three children: two sons,
      William and Robert; - a girl, Muriell that married Reginald d'Orval (2).

      The second son of Roger, Robert, Fonda le fief du Petit
      Saint-Jean, assis en la Paroisse Saint-Jean-du-Corail pres MORTAIN. G'est sans nul doute que la terre que ce dernier à cette circonstance got, doit son liter du Petit
      Saint-Jean, parce que l'une certaine superiorite reconnaître voulait ainsi à celle de Saint Jean-le-Thomas, berceau de la famille. Les Seigneurs de ce nouveau flef avaient pour armes d'argent au chef de gueules, Charge de trois and besants d'or (3).

      William inherited from Thomas; feudatnire était du Mont d'un pour la moilie Chevalier. Voice ce.n'est pas cette Vabbaye the fat l'objet de ses largesse. Car disc; it-Ie, in co.Qtmencant son histoire, le seigneur those fat gene reux le plus de son pays. On conçoit; du Resle, ses- liheralites, quand on fait l'étendue de ses biens.
      2 épousa en premiereg unrest Olive fille du Comte Etienne de Brelagne, Comte de seigneur of Richmond and Suffolk, England citizen. Elle était Veuve d'Henri, Baron
      from Fougeres (4).

    Oldest Known Ancestors
    Paternal Line: Eystein Ivarsson b. abt. 810
    Maternal Line: Muriel de Lincoln b. 1000
    Person ID I10657  St. John Origin and Ancestry DNA Database
    Last Modified 23 May 2020 

    Father Ancestors  Roger St. John, of Compton, Sussex,   b. abt. 1080,   d. aft. 1162  (Age ~ 83 years) 
    Relationship Birth 
    Mother Ancestors  Cecily de la Haya,   b. abt. 1090 
    Relationship Birth 
    Family ID F4500  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Wife 1 Ancestors Olive of Penthièvre, de Fougères, de St. John,   b. abt. 1088 
    Last Modified 25 Sep 2018 
    Family ID F398741  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Wife 2 Godehelde _____ 
    Last Modified 25 Sep 2018 
    Family ID F398743  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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