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This site is for any St. John family member or researcher and for any and all branches of the St. John families.

A lot of new information has been recently discovered and/or can be corrected with primary source records for many branches of the St. John families of America, England and Wales. (We are still working on uncovering the branches in other locations) 

We will roll out these new treasures in a series of articles and new features on this site.   

This is an exciting time to be a St. John family member and/or researcher and we look forward to building a community of collaborators that shares quality information.


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After publishing drafts on this website of research regarding the origin of Mathias St. John, numerous individuals asked that the material be put into a bound book that individuals could purchase for their own collection.  We have agreed to honor these requests and are proud to announce the upcoming book, "The Medieval Ancestry of Mathias St. John, American Immigrant c. 1634 - Dorchester, Massachusetts b. 1601 - d. 1669/70".  This work will include digital images found in Archives throughout England and Wales, full transcriptions of records with original spellings, and a detailed pedigree for Mathias St. John back to the 14th and 15th centuries.  This work has newly discovered and never published findings concerning Mathias' family and identfies dozens of new names within his family tree.  You will only be able to purchase this book through our site so please come back often for updates on its upcoming release.  We are actively obtaining licenses to include as many original records as possible to provide you with the most complete work on Mathias to date!  Check here for updates: Release Update!


Would you like your own family website where you can publish your gedcom data?  TheDesignCrib has partnered with Darrin Lythgoe to offer his TNG - The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding software and support services.  They have several hosting packages to choose from for any budget.  Visit The Design Crib.


Join our Glamorgan, Wales DNA project that is evaluating the relationships between surnames and cousin matches found in Glamorgan, Wales between the different y-dna St. John branches and other surnames of the area and autosomal DNA cousin results.  Since FTDNA's policy is not to have multiple projects open for a family or location, if you have a DNA related research goal and are interested in being a co-admin for any branch or surname or area identified for this Glamorgan Wales Cousin project please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to let you conduct your research. Please submit all co-admin requests to our Site Administrator


I am currently looking for any known descendants of OSA0026 Captain Samuel St. John to share their branches and any primary records they have in order to verify and correct information contained in the St. John Genealogy book by Orline St. John Alexander.  There are numerous errors and Unclassified descendants scattered throughout the book and we have a lot of new information to share.  This could include anyone looking to connect an ancestor to Ulster County NY or South Salem Westchester County New York.  Please contact: Site Administrator


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